In our Two's class children learn that school is fun and that learning takes place everywhere in every moment.

2-Year Old Class

In our 2’s class little scholars learn that school is fun and learning takes place everywhere in every moment, whether it’s taking turns riding trikes or feeding the chickens that live on campus. The 2s program curriculum includes literature, music, movement, art and play that prepares students for lifelong learning.

As a result of participating in Shadycreek’s 2-year-old class, your child will make a positive transition from home to school through activities that:


• Stimulate language
• Develop independence
• Strengthen motor skills
• Encourage cognitive development
• Develop practical and social skills

Other things to know about the Shadycreek 2s program

• Enjoys a ratio of 10-15 students to two or three teachers

• Meets 2 to 5 days a week with morning-only or full-day programs available

• Students must be 2 years old by Sept. 1 to enroll

Staff will assist with potty training when your child is ready