Our Three year old is beginning to discover the world around them and enjoying the routines, friends and planned activities offered by their teacher.

3-Year Old Class

Our 3’s class provides a nurturing environment in which 3-year-old friends further develop independence, self-discipline and peer cooperation through directed and free play, literature, phonics, pre-math, science, geography, art and music.
As a result of participating in Shadycreek’s 3-year-old class, your child will develop:
• Social and language skills to communicate effectively with peers and adults
• An awareness of how both positive and negative actions produce like consequences
• An acquaintance with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each makes
• An appreciation for books—fiction, non fiction and poetry
• The ability to recognize his or her first and last name and a beginning ability to write it
• An easy recognition of numbers up to 10 and beyond
• One-to-one number correspondence (i.e. ability to count items accurately)
• A familiarity of other countries and cultures around the world
• A general knowledge of weather, gravity, color blending and other science concepts
• Gross and fine motor skills
• Introductory Spanish (numbers, days of the week, basic greetings)
Other things to know about the 3s program:

• Enjoys a ratio of 18 to 20 students to two teachers
• Meets 5 days a week with morning-only, lunch bunch or full-day programs available
• Students must be 3 years old by Sept. 1 to enroll and potty trained.