About Us

aboutOur Curriculum
In addition to basic curriculum areas such as language, phonics, literature, mathematics, geography, science and critical thinking, Shadycreek also exposes its students to art, music, respect for the environment and a love of nature. Social skills, manners and basic courtesies are encouraged in day-to-day interactions between students, with our teachers and our director serving as positive role models for appropriate and considerate behavior.

Montessori has a strong focus on helping children become confident and independent members of their group. Sweeping up spilled corn from a sensory table, pouring their own beverage, wiping up spills, counting how many pretzels are allowed for snack and helping each other zip up jackets are just some examples. Classroom jobs and caring for school pets also helps children feel proud of their abilities and develops a sense of community.

Classroom Environment
At Shadycreek, your child will work and learn at their own tempo in a non-competitive atmosphere, and be viewed as an integral part of a diverse classroom environment, contributing to the order and tone of their classroom. Your child will have opportunities to experience and learn about the world around them, to help others and to grow while strengthening practical life skills in a cooperative and stimulating classroom environment.

Outside Environment
Learning continues on our playground. Our name, Shadycreek, perfectly describes our outdoor setting, which includes two large play areas, surrounded by large trees and ample greenery. This park like setting provides ample opportunities for gross motor development. Playground equipment challenges children to run, climb, slide, balance and pump on swings.

Other activities include a large sand box, large building blocks, wagons, dramatic play, bug collecting, a reading corner, art materials and a vegetable garden to name a few.
Children enjoy the playground during the morning session, after lunch and again in the late afternoon.

Family Involvement
In keeping with our tradition of a family atmosphere, parents are encouraged to take an active role in our classrooms, our extra-curricular and special holiday events, with ample opportunities to become involved.

We welcome and encourage parents to join their child for lunch, offer to read to the class, help with special projects and events or just share a family tradition or a talent with the class.

We invite you and your child to become part of our Shadycreek family!