Testimonials are an extremely important part of the success of our business. Parents have offered to share and write their thoughts, perspectives and personal expressions in support of our program and our learning environment. As you can well imagine, testimonials also strengthen our reputation by expressing the trust that you have in us and we welcome your opinions and encourage you to submit to us your testimonial that we might add it to our website.

Debbie Wright

Position: Parent
Location: Seminole

My daughter started attending Shadycreek the summer she turned 3 and immediately blossomed. She loved all of the teachers and made many new friends that she still has today. The teachers did such a good job and we have really seen just how well of a job as we watch her sail through her Kindergarten homework. She really did achieve a great beginning and strong foundation at Shadycreek. I can't say enough good about this school!

Her last summer before Kindergarten we had decided to try out some different summer activities but my daughter quickly made it clear after the first week she wanted to be at Shadycreek so we returned a week later and Thankfully Mrs. Pam happen to have a spot for us. If she could stay there until she was 18 she would! Thanks to everyone for taking care of my most precious gift!

June LLoyd

Position: Grand Mother 
Location: Clearwater

My granddaughters, Holly and Lydia attended your school last summer and Lydia attended Pre-Kindergarten classes there this past year.

I have been constantly amazed at the quiet dignity provided to the children in your school, the relaxed atmosphere and the welcoming feeling the children, their parents, and even we grandparents receive whenever we are there.

Lydia has shared with us her excitement in learning about subjects such as per-historic dinosaurs, she has named and identified then to us correctly, and even gone so far as to tell us she plans to be a paleontologist, a word she has come to understand and pronounce correctly.

Maja Zivoder

Position: Parent
Location: Largo

My son attended Shadycreek for almost 2 years, including VPK and it was a wonderful experience. It's a small school, with a nurturing, creative and family-oriented environment. The kids spend a lot of time in their expansive, shady playground, expressing themselves in free play, which I think is very important.

They are exposed to sign language, music, a variety of art projects and all sorts of blocks (my son's favorite)! My son always left the school feeling happy and satisfied and I was always pleased with their knowledgeable and caring staff, who ensured my boy had a fun, safe and educational day. I look forward to having my second son join Shadycreek in the near future!


June LLoyd continued:

Lydias teachers have shown a love, support for teaching skills with their students, and share your personal gift of love and caring for each of the children in their care. From the time my daughter and I first walked into your welcoming school, we both knew that each child there was receiving a special gift of love and learning, and Lydia is now so much more prepared to enter her Kindergarten class. It was also pure pleasure to attend the graduation celebration with her class.

As a grandmother, I can clearly see the advantage any child would have by attending your marvelous school and I am so pleased that my grand daughters have experienced that advantage.

Jennifer and Justin Osgood

Position: Parents
Location: Clearwater

I want to take this time to tell you what a wonderful school you have. I was nervous dropping off my son Austin for the first time to school for VPK. But your staff (Miss J. and Mrs. T) were so good with him. He grew so much over the year (2013-2014) from learning his ABC's to counting, I could go on and on for everything he learned. I was so impressed. Your encouragement of strengths has helped him become more confident in himself.

Because of Shadycreek his transition to Kindergarten went better than we could have ever expected. Your school did a fantastic job in getting him prepared for Kindergarten. For that we THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Austin will have great memories of his year there.

Anita & John Welch

Position: Parents
Location: Clearwater

I would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful, stimulating and safe learning environment at Shadycreek Preschool. My daughter Rebecca attended a half year in the three's and one year in the VPK class. She learned so much, not only is she ahead in basic 3-R's (she tested at Kindergarten level in her phonics, reading and math skills!), but also in her social skills.

The care and attention you and your staff have given her helped her gain the skills to get along well with her peers when things don't go her way has had a positive impact in our lives. Your encouragement of Rebeccas' strengths has helped her become more confident and self-reliant.

Your program is a gem in our community! We are so fortunate to have you here and wish you the best these coming years. I can only say that I am disappointed in one thing _ that you don't have an elementary school program too!

Susan Gordon

Position: Parent
Location: Pinellas

The day I visited your school looking for a Pre-K program for Lydia I could not believe the difference in the environment at Shadycreek compared to the school where she was previously enrolled and others that I had looked at. as you recall, I was only part way through the tour when my eyes filled with tears and I realized that she had been in the wrong school all the time. I knew then that you and your school was a Godsend.

I am amazed at the education that Lydia has received from you and your teachers. She is going into Kindergarten much better prepared than her older sister who was taught elsewhere. Everything that she leaned has been taught with a lot of fun and a lot of love. With the positive learning environment that you provided, I believe that she will now have positive attitude towards learning through the many school years ahead. Lydia will always have wonderful memories of Shadycreek and I will always be grateful to you and your teachers. Sincerely, Susan Gordon

Susan Kirsch

Position: Parent 
Location: Pinellas County

I have 3 children, the youngest having participated at Shadycreek part of this school year for VPK. My husband works for the Federal District Court and my youngest was in 2 other programs this year due to the moves between another state and Florida. Not only was Shadycreek the best program that he attended this year but it was honestly the best program any of my children had ever participated in!

The teachers are second to none and the program is comprehensive allowing for a variety of learning experiences that promote not only kindergarten readiness but also development of character. If you want your child to have the best start I would highly recommend Shadycreek Montessori to anyone. My only regret is that we didn't get a chance to have our son attend all year.