Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs and Extracurricular Activities

While students at Shadycreek Preschool are stimulated with age-appropriate activities and a dynamic environment each and every day, there are enrichment activities available to make their experience even more fulfilling. Your child can participate in a variety of musical & physical activities to help build developing muscles, spatial skills and cognitive thinking.  In addition, we bring in special events on a monthly basis that might include a puppet show, magician, theater performances, a visits from the Clearwater Aquarium and Wonders of Nature.


Enrichment Programs


Music is an integral part of the Shadycreek Preschool experience. Children are exposed to all types of music on a daily basis, with opportunities for hands-on instrument exploration as well as sing-a-longs with a trained music instructor.  Our music teacher, Anita Bona has been teaching at Shadycreek for over six years and provides an age appropriate program each week for each class. 

Activities include:

  • • Singing
  • • Rhythm lessons and activities,
  • • Use of rhythm instruments
  • • Introduction to jazz, spirituals, contemporary, regional and classical
  • • The focus is to explore music in a fun atmosphere, giving the children a love for music that will last a lifetime.
  • • The 3's and 4's classes perform several musical presentations throughout the year, beginning with Halloween and ending with graduation in June.

American Sign Language

Our sign language teacher is teaching our three's and four's that it's OK - and fun - to be different, to "talk" with our hands. Miss Lois meets with each class for 30 minutes twice a month. Lois Maroney has both a Masters in Education and in Counseling, and as a deaf person herself, she uses sign language to communicate. Class activities include:

  • • Singing songs using sign language
  • • Hearing stories in sign language
  • • DVDs that teach signs with people and puppets
  • • Use of facial expressions and body language to convey concepts and ideas
  • • Flashcards and props that teach age appropriate sign language vocabulary
  • • Finger spelling of the alphabet with the VPK class



An introductory class in Spanish is offered to our 3's and 4's one afternoon a week.  Colors, days of the week, number, shapes, animals, seasons and basic every day expressions and concepts are introduces with music and puppets.  Yineth Tilp has been teaching Spanish at Shadycreek for the past 3 years and uses her native language as well as the Boca Beth Program to enhance the children's love of learning. 


Extra Curricular Programs

Dance, Tap & Fitness

The Dance/Fitness Program for ages 3 - 5, provided by Wee Dance Company is tailor-made to suit developing minds and bodies, with a combination class that covers skills in ballet, tap and gymnastics. The program takes place on campus at Shadycreek Preschool. Please see the director, Pam Perez for rates. 

Wee Dance, owner and teacher, Michelle Butts is well known throughout Pinellas County and has been at Shadycreek for seven years.  Children present a small recital for the Holidays at Shadycreek and a big recital at the end of the year on stage at a local church. 


Tumble Gymnastics

If you are interested in your child focusing on gymnastics skills only, Tumbles Mobile Gymnastics can provide one. Tumbles comes to the Shadycreek Preschool campus and provides weekly classes for all ages, that build and evaluate skills in a safe and challenging environment. Parents receive regular progress reports and your child has opportunities for weekly awards. Please see Pam Perez, the Director, for rates.

The Tumbles program is open to all ages, including our 2's and has been with Shadycreek for over 8 years. 


Fun Sports Program

This program meets every Friday afternoon from 12:45 -1:30.  Coach Billy works with children ages 3 - 5, introducing basic skills for soccer, basketball, baseball and team games. This program takes place on our playground and provides ample opportunities for gross motor action and fun. See the Director for details and rates.

Coach Billy Palito has been with Shadycreek for the past five years and always ends his program, weather permitting with water balloons.